EE14: Introduction to Electronic Engineering and Laboratory

Course Description

12 units (3-2-7)

Prerequisites: Ma 1abc, Ph 1abc

Design-oriented analysis approach to the fundamentals of electrical engineering. Linear circuit analysis, Kirchoff's laws, transient and steady-state network solutions, phasors, Thevenin and Norton theorems, Bode plot, power transfer, resonant circuits. Device physics of diodes, FETs, and bipolar transistors, device characteristics, models, limitations. Transistor bias circuits, multi-transistor circuits, current mirrors, cascades. Digital circuit analysis, DTL, TTL, ECL, MOS logic circuits. Analog circuit analysis, small signal analysis, amplifiers, frequency response. Operation amplifiers, power amplifiers. Feedback circuits, stability, Nyquist's theorem.

Laboratory experiments are designed to match course materials.

Not offered on pass/fail basis.

Fall term:

Analysis of linear resistive circuits. General circuit theorems.

Winter term:

Analysis of reactive circuits. Analog signal processing.

Spring term:

Active devices with analog and digital applications.


Lecture: Dimitri Antsos

Lab: Rodney Goodman

Recitation: John Lindal


Thomas, Roland E. and Albert J. Rosa. The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits. Prentice Hall, 1994.

Horenstein, Mark N. Microelectronic Circuits & Devices. Prentice Hall, 1995.

Lindal, John and R. David Middlebrook. Design Oriented Analysis, Supplementary Notes for EE 14 and EE 114. California Institute of Technology, 1995. (available in the EE Stockroom)

Supplementary handouts.

Here are the reading assignments.

Teaching assistants:

Head TA:
Jim Lazar


Head lab TA:

Lab TA's:


Lectures: 102 Steele; Tuesday 9 - 11 AM, 3 - 4 PM

Lab: Posted outside the EE14 lab in the sub-basement of Steele.

Recitation: 22 Gates; Wednesday 4 PM

TA hours:
Jim Lazar: 133 Steele; Monday 5 PM
John Lindal: 304 Bridge; any afternoon



Homework is due 9 AM the following week. It is open everything, no collaboration. Late homework will receive no credit unless there is a medical reason.

Exams are limited time, open everything, no collaboration.

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