Frédérique Oggier
Postdoctoral Scholar

Department of Electrical Engineering
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125

Tel:   +1 (626) 395-4184
Office: Moore 125

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Algebra is a field of mathematics traditionally considered as being studied for itself, with no application in mind. However, it has recently been proved to be a powerful tool for solving different problems from communication systems and computer science.
My main research interests have been focused on understanding and applying algebraic techniques to different coding problems appearing in wireless communications : modulation scheme for the single antenna wireless channel, space-time coding for multiple antennas channel, in the coherent case and in the non-coherent case (differential or traditional), as well as coding for wireless networks, as sensor networks for example.
My tools are mainly coming from lattice theory, algebraic number theory (cyclotomic theory, Galois theory, ramification,...), as well as non-commutative algebra (central simple algebras,...).

Last update: May 16 2006